Off the Meds

On day 11 of not taking cymbalta or the replacement, Prozac. Barely any withdrawals now.  Just the occasional tingly brain which is easily ignorable.  While going to the Prozac was a bit wild, it actually did reign in the brain flashes.  I just didn’t need to take 10 days worth.  I think I took 5.  I know last Sunday (1/10/16) I stayed in bed for about 16 hours.  There was a time when I just didn’t think I could move, almost like I was a prisoner of my body.  Either way, once I got through sleeping all that shit off, I’ve felt pretty good.

Now, what to do with the energy… I have a ton of it but I’m still lacking the fire in my mind to use it.  There’s so many places I need to start on.  Eating better, more activity, anger management, social tact…  At this point my body is still kinda trapped inside my brain.  The desire to be lazy is still strong.  My desire to eat yummy food is still there.  That demon in my gut that screams in pain when it’s hungry, is still causing pain and getting worse the more I try to not eat.  I don’t need food.   Seriously.  I see my gut in the mirror and I know I have enough fat stores to last me a few months of drinking just water.  Not saying that’s what I’ll do but I know I could last a famine.

So, right this moment I’m planning on going to get me something to eat either at IHOP or Waffle House.


~ by aeroslin on January 19, 2016.

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