Financial Success

It has taken me a lot of embarrassing moments to get to where I am now.  Lots of moments of asking my mom or my dad to be a co-signer on something.  I’ve had repossessions, I’ve had the Department of Justice threaten me because of my default status on my college loans.  One of the things that I’ve always wished for is job security and stability.  That is something that I have had now for almost 9 years.  Even though it is in the automotive industry.  I suppose that’s why it has taken me as long as it has to get here.

My college loans are in repayment and in good standing. My credit rating has gone from 535 to 683. I pay my credit cards early and more than the minimum payment.  My car payments have never been late. I have over 10k saved in retirement and almost 10k in available credit among all my credit cards. All this to one end: Home Ownership.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel of this life-goal.  I’m even kind of nervous.  I’ve been looking at houses for a while now so I have an idea of what is out there and of what I want.

I’m 45. I made a lot of mistakes but I thinks I’ve put them behind me now.

Hell yea!


~ by aeroslin on January 27, 2016.

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