Bought a House

So, I see that one of my posts in the past discussed my plan to buy a home.  Well, that story was nothing at all the negative experience I had before and was writing about.  Instead it was fraught with some frustration but eventually put me into a house that fits me perfectly.

I was worried about my credit score but buckling down (after I dumped the crazy woman) and saving money again, then being responsible with my credit cards found my score to be pretty well set.  After that hurdle was reached it was a matter of coming up with the money for a down payment.  That was found in my retirement fund.  I borrowed a few thousand from that and boom, found my house and bought it.  I closed on the house on the day of Muhammad Ali’s funeral here in Louisville.  A truly bitter-sweet day.

I wasted no time getting my items moved here.  I owe my neighbor Chris huge for helping me haul the bulk of it.  The apartment complex is still trying to get me to pay for the damages that my ex’s dog did to the place but they’ll not see a fucking dime after I had to fork out 2000 dollars just to break my lease.  Hell no.  Not one more cent.  Not ever.  Hands washed, moved on.

So, now I’m realizing my dream of having a woodworking shop in the basement.  It’s been my dream for as long as I can remember.  I’ve built work benches, table saw stands, I have a compound miter saw, 14 inch band saw, 6 inch jointer, 13 inch planer, a giant toolbox, 1 industrial dust collector and 2 shopvacs.  I have plenty of space to build in.  I’ve built a few bird feeders, cutting boards, and bandsaw boxes.  I’m having a blast!


~ by aeroslin on March 31, 2017.

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