History of Restaurant Frequenting

Was sitting at my desk at work thinking about how long I’ve been frequenting restaurants on a regular basis.  I’m one of those guys that gets his social interaction through such means.  It’s useful for the introvert that I am.

To start, this habit didn’t begin until after I got a good and stable job. I had graduated from college and started working at United Healthcare in Lansing.  That would have been when I started going to Cheddars on the corner of Saginaw Highway and Mall Drive in Lansing, MI.  I ate lunch there every day, just about.  The waitress that worked the shift who would order my food before I even sat down.  I’d order the Hot Club sandwich with fries then eat my food and read whatever book I was on at the time.  Did that for a couple years.  Even did a lunch date there with a girl I was trying to talk to.  Didn’t work out.

During this time I also frequented a place called Richards which was on old 27.  It’s called Reno’s North now.  It was at this place where I got to watch the Redwings hit the Stanley Cup, twice.  I didn’t have anything in particular that I ate there except for steak. Got to talking to the waitresses and eventually learned that the owner was a lady that my mom knew.

After that I changed jobs and location of where I lived.  I started hitting two places on the south side of Lansing.  Finley’s and Fleetwood. I ate late night breakfasts at the Fleetwood and would suggest anyone try that place out.  They have this stuff called Hippy Hash that is simply the best thing you’ll have for breakfast, period. (Hint: it’s also healthy, mostly) Then at Finley’s I ate, almost always, the Steak and Stuffed Shrimp meal. Loved that stuff.  Oh, I almost forgot about Theio’s! Theio’s is the place I went to when I was a kid, with my parents and grandparents.  It just always was the other place to go.  There used to be 5 or 6 of them in Lansing and I think I ate at them all but eventually they all faded out to just one left over near the MSU campus on Michigan Avenue.  The Southern Scramble is the best and probably most unhealthy thing they serve.  Just awesome.

So, those were my places when I was living in Lansing, Michigan.  In November of 2008 I moved to Louisville, Kentucky.  I was pretty uncertain about the places to go so I went to a place I knew the menu of and which was close to my house, TGIFriday’s.  I started going there on the weekends since that’s the only time I had to do things during the day. I got to actually know the people that worked there, unlike the other places I had been to.  Mainly because I didn’t have any friends and the restaurant industry has no shortage of good people in it.  Every friend I have made outside of work has been as a result of those I met at TGIFriday’s.  Also, it was at this time that I became a bar fly.  I didn’t drink much until I moved to Louisville.  What started it all was when a friend of mine that I had grown up with, was murdered in the front doorway of his apartment. Full on shotgun blast to the chest.  In tribute to him I ordered some shots and beer.  Once I did that and started talking to the bartenders, I was a part of the family.  I learned that the bars don’t close until 4am down here.  That was a pretty awesome discovery for someone that worked nights.  Eventually, the Friday’s I ate at closed their doors without warning. Thankfully the friends I had made there offered up alternatives for me.  I started going to a place called Mister G’s, a hole in the wall dive bar tucked away in the back of a strip mall.  That was my ‘get drunk and walk home’ spot.  Boy do I have stories.  I made more friends there but eventually stopped going there.  While I was going to Mister G’s to get my drink on, I was going to Brickhouse to get my meal on.  I’m still meeting new people there.  Brickhouse is my current home for my butt on any given day but usually on Saturday night.  Saturday’s I go there to see one of the bartenders that I met while going to Friday’s.  She only works on Saturday’s now that she has a day job. Lastly and definitely not the least is Brownies.  I started going here after I stopped going to Mister G’s and I still frequent the place, usually after Brickhouse closes on Saturday nights.

Not really sure what the point of this entry was.  I guess I was just wanting to document the restaurants that I have at some point called my ‘Home’ or comfort zone for social interactions.


~ by aeroslin on December 15, 2017.

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