Bike Trip 1

It was about 90 degree’s when I left my house.  It was around 6pm.  This was also the first day that the Common Ground Festival was in action.

There’s something about the heat that drives me out of the house.  It’s that lizard-blood, for sure.  I left the house and rode over to Poxon Park with my GPS unit.  I was trying to find my first geocache but I failed miserably because the stupid GPS lost tracking underneath all the trees.  After getting bitten by a few mosquitos, I left and headed back west and north up some residential streets.

My initial plan wasn’t to go too far, just up to the Fleetwood Diner and back but I couldn’t stop there.  I continued down Cedar Street and stopped at the top of the bridge overlooking the highly toxic REO area and Grand River that runs next to it.  Going up this bridge wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  (The grade isn’t as steep as the one on Pennsylvania Ave near the old Lansing General Hospital.  That path sucks and I avoid it whenever possible.)  Once I crossed the bridge I came to the actual Riverwalk trail that runs all over Lansing, following the Grand River and Red Cedar River.  Something I noticed on the riverwalk trail was that every 1/4 mile they had a marker that spoke about the different planets in the solar system.  That was pretty cool.

I reached where the Common Ground Fest was taking place and that part of the trail was blocked off for ‘paying’ customers.  I turned off and rode up to Saginaw Street, stared at the Burger King and thought that it wasn’t too far away from where I used to live on Sheridan Road.  It was getting late, however, and I decided to turn back and go home.  The path home was a good ride and I detoured to the Dairy Queen for some ice cream, then went home.

It was only 8.25 miles according to Google and I haven’t looked at my GPS data yet since it was tracking my route the whole time but I imagine it’s going to be pretty damn close.


~ by aeroslin on July 16, 2007.

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